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Blue Shark Pools is a family owned and operated company. We are specialized in plastering, remodeling existing pools, spas and decks. 

How We Work

It is our goal to provided our customers with the best service possible. We are committed to offering quality products at the highest level of craftsmanship.

We focus in bringing your pool back to life. 



 Our Demolition process consist of using the chip out method, which prepares the pool for resurfacing This removes existing plaster and pebble, leaving Shotcrete nearly intact, which helps to properly bond the new finish, and leaves you with a beautiful product.


Waterline Tile

Waterline Tile  has an important role in keeping your pool in tip-top shape.It's perfect to adding a pop of color to your pool! As the sun reflect off the surface of the tile, it will give your pool a shimmering and vibrant effect.


Pool Finishes

We offer multiple option for you. the three most common and recommended are plaster, quartz and pebble.

  • Plaster  is the most common pool interior finish, also is the least expensive in comparation to the other surfaces.

  • Quartz interior finish is made up of a mixture of plaster and aggregate, which makes it more durable than plaster alone. The quartz finish also gives you the opportunity to introduce color into your pool interior.

  • Mini Pebble pool finish is made with tiny pebbles mixed in, this allows for a very smooth and long lasting finish. This finish also includes a variety of colors.


Pool Deck

Kool deck is a beautiful add-on to you pool, walkway or patio. It has a rich, consistent color, and the texture make it more appealing than standard concrete. It is also one of the least expensive deck options. it also comes in variety of textures and colors.

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